Our menu


Eggs with potatoes
Fried eggs in a fries nest of straw potatoes with ham or foie
Baby floured whitebait fish with fried eggs
Scrambled eggs at your choice: with salt cod, with baby broad-beans & ham, With mushrooms & shrimps
Catalan grilled sausage with Pedro Ximenez sherry and foie
Marinated pork meat in a skewer
Baby spicy (chorizos)
Baby broad-beans at your choice: with foie or with baby squid & ham
Croquettes of your choice (4 units) Roasted meat, ham or fish
Dices of fried potatoes in spicy sauce & mayonnaise
Marinated Kentucky chicken wings (4 units)
Bread stuffed mussels, bread stuffed potatoes ball with spicy sauce, Stuffed fried tuna fish pastry, each
Breaded camembert cheese with honey
Chicken tears

From the Sea

Marinated fresh anchovies in olive oil & vinegar
Floured & fried fresh anchovies without fish bone
Cold baby cooked shrimps
Sea snail
Oysters (6 units)
Fresh clams
Shrimps Vilanova
Garlic shrimps
Clams of your choice: grilled / marinière / with wine/ with wild mushrooms  and shrimps
Mussels at your choice: grilled / marinière / steam / with wine and celery
Baby Vilanova coquina clams
Octopus Galician style
Whole octopues leg with parmentier and romesco sauce
Grilled cuttlefish (whole or sliced)
Shrimp scampi (6units) Grilled or sauté
Razor clams
Fried squidrings in batter
Floured & fried baby squid Andalusian style or grilled
“LA CAJITA” Baby squid, fried shrimps, fried fish, bread mussels fried squid rings in batter
Salt codfish at your choice: fried / grilled / with ratatouille / with garlic mayonnaise and nuts
Salmon or cod carpaccio / or both
Snails, pork tripe or meatballs

To eat with bread

Iberian ham (acorn-fed ham)
Iberian pork loin
Chorizo or salami
Churra” sheep cheese
Assortment of Iberian sausage and cheese
Marinated anchovies from Cantabrian Sea (the best!!) (6 units.)
Catalan bread rubbed with tomato (per person)


Beef sir loin steak
Pork loin
Iberian Pork


Lettuce heart with tuna & xató (typical sauce from Garraf & Penedès areas made with almonds, hazelnuts, breadcrumbs, vinegar, garlic, olive oil, salt, “nyora” peppers
Green salad with goat cheese
Tomato, tuna belly, onions and olives
Potatoes and tuna salad with mayonnaise
Octopus salad

Stuffed baguette slices

Genito – Quail egg, Iberian ham & green peppers
Bético – Iberian pork with cream cheese
Danés – Grilled pork loin, onion and roquefort
Mallorquín – Spicy sausage, cheese and quail egg
Golden – Great burger
Grilled foie with apple

Combination plate

Nº1 Spicy pork brochette, dices of fried potatoes with spicy sauce & mayonnaise, floured and fried baby squid & mushrooms
Nº2 Cuttlefish with mushroom, dices of fried potatoes with spicy sauce & mayonnaise, floured and fried baby squid & mushrooms & shrimps
Nº3 Shrimps, floured and fried baby squid, grilled cuttlefish, clams, prawns & razor clams
Nº4 ½ spiny lobster, 1 crayfish, shrimps, clams, grilled squid and steamed mussels
Nº5 Pork loin, dices of fried potatoes with spicy sauce & mayonnaise & fried egg